by Ground Tracer

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released February 11, 2014

Ground Tracer is
Tyler Ennis - Vocals
Justin Ennis - Guitar
Alex Minarik - Guitar
Jonathon Fox - Bass
Anthony DeChavez - Drums



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Ground Tracer Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

We are simply here to save ourselves from ourselves. We are from Lansing, MI. We are a melting pot of previous and current notable bands, such as Versus the Ocean, Of Virtue, Endeavors and Between You and Me. We are optimists. We are pessimists. We are mere reflections in the water. We are Ground Tracer. ... more

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Track Name: Atlas
Give me my life back. I'll tell you my story of how I got this way. It will feel good to get this off my chest.
Track Name: Addiction
He lays his head down This seems to be the only thing he can't ignore Everyone else around him is yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs He has the worst of headaches he can't think straight. He's searching frantically for the dollars he needs to get home People look at him and think he's homeless Searching frantically for the dollars he needs to get home People look at him and think he's homeless But little do they know, He has a home. But little do they know, He has a home. He just wonders when the greed came to be a part of his life And how his family fell apart He hasn't been sober for weeks His family's going to burn as his problems are growing deeper But something has to save himself He's done nothing wrong why can't he be normal like everybody else But little does he know (But little does he know) That he can't run and hide from his mistakes forever Where do you go when you don't have a home? Where do you go when you feel so alone? He's done more than just tear his family apart He's destroyed the chance to heal their broken hearts Where do you go when you don't have a home? Where do you go when you feel so alone?Washing down another bottle like he's got an addiction that he just can't seem to quit So he just keeps drinking away hoping that his family goes back to the way it used to be I want my life back I want my life back Give me my life back
Track Name: Diseased
I fucking hate waking up every day without knowing that you are here to comfort me. Where do I begin To start my life again Now that my heart is heavy and my minds caged in. I'm such a fucking wreck. It's about time to get out of my bed All in all it's just another day that weighs down my chest Yeah yeah sick of all these fucking migraines that run my motivation thin again All in all it's just another day inside my head I'm lost in the sickness Diseased because of these dead ends And realistic nightmares When I can sleep This is what I wake to find Everyone around is dreaming alive and I'm trying to find a way to feel alive I don't wanna die But i'm not even my life
Fuck this disease for making me get my black suit out once again I get to mourn with a sad husband and my lonely friends Lucky me Lucky me who gets to wear the crown I'll never let them see the way I feel deep down Young and reckless my youth is spent rent less As I waste away my days staring at this blank canvas I'll paint a picture of what my life should look like So I can burn it with the fire that feeds my eyes Burn it slow Burn it slow I've said my goodbyes And i've said my prayers Neither were good enough So i'll retreat to my bed I'll begin my old cycle of hatred and neglect So i'll be screaming Fuck this till i'm dead yeah
Track Name: Lioneyes
I see the fear in you I see you hesitant to approach the ones walking around you They have their lion eyes locked dead on you So what is going to be your next move They keep pacing back and forth Keeping their Keeping their eyes locked dead on you They want you to feel like The whole world is watching you They want you to feel like You have nothing left They're hungry for you blood They want to feel like their in control of your life You can't give in Take the knife and cut the leash from their hands Yeah you can't give in (You can't give in) Or they'll ruin your life I was naïve I was young I was a boy with nothing but uncertainty and a heavy heart I'm drifting away from what you wanted me to be and I thought I was a man until you tied me up and dragged me through you hell Knees calloused paws red leash tight your fucking dog A coward I've become I see the fear in you I see you hesitant to approach the ones walking around you They have their lion eyes locked dead on you So what is going to be your next The silence and the fear is real. I know the silence is from the fear of the lions eyes I know I know I know Step up stop hiding from the gun Put the bullets in and shoot the hungry ones They're hungry for you blood
Track Name: Deadwife
This is it I was sleeping in Losing myself in the silence I watched myself sleep Next to my dead wife
A buried wasted of life A buried waste of life Lets cheers to three years The constant struggle of walking on a bed of nails I never felt like I could sleep in my old home The bitter hollow shell That housed your glass bones Haunts my dreams with lust and regret They tell me to forgive and forget
But instead I'd rather give myself a pity party and mourn the loss of all the time spent and love lost. So tonight i'll be your heartbroken host I've invited my closest friends of apparitions and ghosts. They sit in the corners and silence Paralyzed and in pain I was immobile Indefinite struggles of a has been Love had and run its course and left me stranded Pissed off to say the least I constantly think of the instant remorse that I had for us Now I guess i'll accept that I feel dead Last night I watched myself sleep Next to my dead wife Her ghost still haunts my dreams A buried waste of life A buried waste of life A buried waste of life I wont sleep at night No I wont sleep I wont eat or breath as long as you can see the light No I wont stop until your gone A memory of this wasted time Do you remember what you said to me Do you remember You said tell me that you love me You said I want to feel You said I want to feel like nothing could come between us That you meant everything to me Well Last night I watched myself sleep Next to my dead wife Her ghost still haunts my dreams A buried waste of life A buried waste of life
Track Name: Voices
wandering through fields of burning gray. Trees line the path of all my insecurity. They shed their leaves in disappointment all while we speak. Speaking of voices like that of hungry wolves. Carrying on our backs a list of things we might regret. Carry on now little son youll be the man that ive grown and although u may feel weak you are strong. This letter I carry in my heart that you wrote with yours shows that you could never do any wrong. Son, why do you think youre such a failure when you dream at night your conscience and your ailments will never be asleep when im by your side. Im the sun I am the moon I am the reason to be feeling alive to be feeling like inside you have a family that you can return to when the world becomes blind. You are my son, and everything that I wanted you to be. I am the son, don't be like me. I aided in the separation of the sun and the moon. Bringing in the tides to wash up my washed up attitude. Dont be like me.
Track Name: Fragile
Track Name: Words
From a far distance I can hear the old me shouting The echo is growing louder (where did you go?) It's becoming unbearable to think of the person that I used to be I couldn't get myself out of bed I didn't even want to move a muscle I felt so lost in my own head that I took it out on reality The tears were more of a routine, than rarity I knew then, I wasn't living I wasn't living my life I was going insane I got my mind mixed in with reality in hopes of hitching a ride to the brighter days in hopes of hitching a ride to the better days I never amounted to the mistakes I made I was searching for the origin of all my pain But nothing was being found the answers never came I was so scared I hated myself for the longest time and I still can't find that one thing that saved me and week after week, I got weaker To the point where I didn't know who I was I can hear the old me whispering (you're better off without me) His voice is growing more distant but I can feel him with me Disguised as such a beautiful person the devil rages inside of me part of me dies with the lies I keep telling myself just to please the demons inside Just when the rope is tied to my neck an angel calms the inside of me Part of me is more alive with the thought that I may not just be here to die After all this time of feeling lost I think I finally grasped what was wrong with me I didn't give myself a reason to live But now i'm fine I'm moving on Im finally ready to finally live again Part of me is dead, part of me is searching for the one thing keeping me alive All it took was one dream to fight for and my life had, meaning again
Track Name: Maryann
The hands are pointing north as the city sleeps Time is on my side Because god decided he would let me be When the need to survive exceeds the walls of your mind The devil lives vicariously through your eyes He guides your hand. He guides your hand. It all must be exactly how it's played out in my head One wrong move And I'll be buried with the rest of them Tracing my steps I'll cut it slow I'm just a silhouette With my own demons looking for a reason not to do it Buried underneath I thank the devil for believing in me This is a war I have with myself This is a milestone I display proudly on my shelf For years I'll hide in the shadows and release My mind I feel the sun rising so I'm losing Time The human race has been wasted on Numerous cases of self absorbed bitter hope It's all about you and what you strive to be So tonight I'll show you what this all means to me It's all just to rid my life of the things that keep me up at night It's all just a game in my mind to cut you out and leave you behind Wait I've got this feeling of regret The shadows of my memories are hard to forget Wait my hands are shaking but I'm moving slow It's time to put on the show So I tie her to the bed now Give her a moment to assess what's been said now I don't think she's processed it through her head now This is it the end of our road. I'll be damned if I ever lose a love like this again This isn't the life that I wanted It's a life of playing pretend I'm sorry I whispered as I carved I love you in her chest and sealed it when I kissed her, fuck
Track Name: Absence
I've been absent I'm no where to be found Can you see me? I feel invisible You told me to always be myself But lately all i've felt is like I'm somebody else Same old me, same old me Believing that I was immune to never failing Same old me, same old me Thinking that I can get away with everything Too scared to the tell the truth so my conscience told me to lie Always trying to sneak my way out of this one But enough is enough I feel like I let the whole fucking world down I'm sorry mom and dad for putting you through hell This is my apology for not being myself Where did I go wrong, where did I lose myself? I don't know If I can hold on any longer But I'm trying just for you For everything that you've done for me I owe it to you Take me home, I hate being alone I just need to get out, out from his shadow I just need some help mom and dad You raised me better than anyone else ever could have and I'm sorry that this is the way I re-payed you for that After all these years of learning your ways I somehow got stuck in between who I want to be because who I am is not who I should be (I'm sorry) When I think back to the days when I was younger I promised myself when I grew up that I wouldn't end up like this But I broke my promise Will you ever forgive me for losing myself Or will I just be another silent echo of your memory I'm stuck living in someone else's shadows That's why I hate everything about who I am now